How would you like to write a book?

Maybe it’s been on your New Year Resolution list for several years now, and you have a great idea that you’re carrying around in your head and you want to turn it into a real-life book.

Or maybe you feel that you MUST write a book so you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field of expertise.


It’s 2017 and you still don’t have your book out.

Please take a few moments to imagine that it’s January 1, 2018, and you have your book in your hands. Yes! Your very own book! It's a brand new year and you already have a book published!

How will that make you feel?



A dream finally coming true?


Now imagine, what could this book do for you and your business:

  • Change a life?
  • Find higher paying clientele?
  • Sky rocket your business?
  • Speak at conferences in front of thousands of people?
  • Be seen as the go-to-expert in your field?

The possibilities are endless!

So ready do you feel to get going?  How committed are you to really do it?


Now you can be propelled forward in your book-writing journey by The Resolute Writer, a 90-Day Facebook Group Book Writing program. You will be learning, interacting and collaborating with other writers who are all on the same journey as you are! You'll have support and accountability all along the way with weekly lessons and weekly check-ins! 

During this 90-day program, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing
  • Write even if you’re terribly busy!
  • Free tools to use to help you stay on track with writing
  • Have the secret to overcoming writer’s block easily!
  • Make writing fun and not like a chore
  • Easily write a 10-chapter book
  • Discover some brilliant ways to market your book on a budget
  • Market and sell yourself without feeling like you are!

Inside the Group, you can expect the following to happen:

  • Weekly Facebook Live Lessons
  • Weekly Facebook Live Check-ins with on the spot coaching
  • Accountability Threads (and partners!)
  • Progress reports seeing your results in action
  • Checklist on where you should be at during your 90-day journey

It’s 2017; make it the year to go out with a BANG! Make it the year you show off your book, become the legacy you’ve always dreamed of and make your message available to the world!

What you will need during the 90 day program:

  • A computer
  • Internet
  • Willingness to get your book done
  • Commitment to the calls and your writing every week
  • Curiosity to know how it will feel to hold your book at the end of 90 days!

That is all you need! If you are nodding your head and know you can commit to this, then continue to read more to know how YOU can sign up and jump right into the program!

If you're feeling hesitant, then read below:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I feel the need to write a book?
  • What is it that I need to say that is so important to the rest of the world?
  • How long have I been wanting to write this book?
  • What is holding me back?

Let’s walk through each question below:

Why do I feel the need to write a book? What is it that I need to say that is so important to the rest of the world?

There are many reasons for you to write a book. It could be the fact that you’ve learned many lessons in your life and you want to share these with others. Perhaps you’ve made yourself the expert in your field and want to share your knowledge with your potential clients. Perhaps your life story is just an encouraging word for many facing adversities now and you want to be their light in their times of darkness.

Whatever your reason to write a book, you have one, and you know it needs to be released.

How long have I been wanting to write a book?

Listen, if you have been wanting to write a book for 10+ years now, why are you still waiting?!

No matter how many years you’ve been wanting to write a book, whether it’s 6 months or 16 years, you need to get that book out! Every book wants to come out, but it’s up to its owner to make it happen… or not. You don’t want to be the owner who shut up its voice for years and years and years!

What is holding you back?

What is it that is making you pull away from writing? Maybe it’s time.  You feel that you just don’t have enough time to actually write the book of your dreams.   Here’s an important truth about time: everyone has 24 hours in a day. What we do with it is up to us. We find time to do the things we want. For example, we make time to get on Facebook. Multiple times a day. We make time to spend with our family. We make time to read a book. We make time to watch or participate in our favorite sport. We even make time for watching movies!

It’s not a time problem, it’s management of that time! It’s really a matter of priorities.  How important is it to you to have a book published? If it’s really not important to you, that’s OK!  Take that off your to-do list and use your time to do the things that are more important to you in your life, whatever they may be. But if you truly have a burning desire to write that book and speak your heart to the world, arrange your activities to make time to do it

If your concern is financial, you need not worry! There are some minimal costs involved in book publishing, but self-publishing has taken much of the expense out of the process.  Now money really isn’t a reason for your book stay shut up instead of out, free to speak to the rest of the world!

Many would-be authors hesitate to write because they’re afraid.  What if other writers have already exhausted the subject?  What if nobody will buy the book?  What if people read the book and don’t like it? 

Mark Twain, an incredibly great author in his own right, said, “I’m an old man, and I’ve seen many troubles in my lifetime, most of which never happened!”  Sometimes fear can hold us back from living to our greatest level. Fear holds us from achieving greatness. No hero or inventor or writer has ever dealt with their journey without a healthy dose of fear. Fear is normal and what’s scary is that so many people give into fear so easily. You don’t have to allow fear to keep you from attaining your goal and your dream to author a book.  Just change your “what ifs” into positive ones.  What if what I have to say is completely unique and valuable because it’s being said from my own special viewpoint?  What if everybody buys my book?  I could get wealthy!  What if everyone who reads the book loves it and is blessed by it and it changes the world?  The things you fear will likely never happen if you just push past them and act!

"Nah, I can do this on my own."

Perhaps you’re saying, “Nah, I can do this on my own.” Sure you can. Many writers have successfully published their books with no help. But when you take advantage of The Resolute Writer program, you gain two advantages that writers typically don’t have, and they will put you on the fast track to a published book. 

The first advantage is that you’ll receive a roadmap that will guide you step by step through the entire writing and publishing process.  You could conceivably travel from Rawlins, Wyoming to Okeechobee, Florida without a roadmap,  GPS or asking directions from people along the way.  You could probably get there, but it would take you MUCH longer to get there than if you had tools available to you along the way to get you there with the least delay, in the fastest possible time, with the least problems.

That’s what you’ll receive when you join The Resolute Writer; a roadmap, so you know what step to take next. There’s no guesswork, no countless hours being spent on the Internet researching for an answer (which depletes your time) and no lack of feedback from your comrades.


So, ready to learn more? Let’s do this!

You may be jumping up and down, ready to get started! You also want to know the details on when this program starts.

The Resolute Writer will begin on Monday, September 18 and will continue every week until Friday, December 15.

If you absolutely have to be away and miss a lesson, watch the recording. It is tremendously important for you to attend as many lessons live as possible because one of the biggest benefits the opportunity to experience the encouragement and energy you’ll receive from the other members of the group and to get immediate answers and feedback to your questions and to give of your experience and knowledge to the group.

Now you know what you’ll receive in the program and the support system that will be backing you up 24/7, so you’re probably just wondering what you need to invest to take advantage of the program.



Investment rate: $997 

ICF Member: $497 (save $50) / 3 Payments of $182 

Non-ICF Member: $697 (Save $70) / 3 Payments of $256


So if you’re  ready to set the intention of having a PUBLISHED BOOK by January 1, 2018, if you’re  ready to commit to your dreams and you’re ready to feel the pride of publishing a professional book, say YES to your book and to your dreams today!  Don’t procrastinate!  Do it now!

If you are shaking your head and saying “YES!”, then click the tab below where you’ll be taken to the page to enroll in the program that is set to making your dream a reality!


You don’t want to wait too long! There is a limited amount of space in this program as the intent is to have a close knit group for maximum impact and comfort levels. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Your book is waiting. What will your answer be? In 90 Days, your book can be in your hands… let’s make those dreams happen in 2017! Click the button below to become an Author in 2017!

ICF Member Pay in Full: $497

ICF Member Installment Plan: 3 Payments of $182

Non-ICF Member Pay in Full: $697

Non-ICF Member Installment Plan: 3 Payments of $256